The Camera
Camera 2007 - The Next Generation

Scanner Cameras continue to fascinate me and I have decided to play with them some more this year. I have refined my goals to:

  • Increasing the camera image area closer to the full scan area of the scanner – this has been accomplished by the use of an 8x10 inch view camera, pictured.

  • Increase resolution of scans by using a newer Lide scanner with 1200 or 2400 dpi optical scans. I am still using at this time the Canon Lide 20 with 600 dpi optical resolution.

  • Find a software and/or hardware solution to the artifacts and noise found in the normal scans of this type of scanner camera. This goal appears to be achievable. Clifford Blodget was kind enough to forward the following links relative of the work done by Shuzhen Wang and Wolfgang Heidrich:
John Van Horn Photo