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Skull Lane

Skull Lane got its name from several animal skulls that were found and hung up on a tree at the entrance of the lane. I took these photographs with a view camera and roll film back.

Wayne County Historical Society Canal House

These photographs were originally posted on my Moosic Mountain Wild Photo Site about five years ago. This house is located at Lock 31, outside of Hawley, PA on Route 6  and is part of the Tow Path to Trails Project. Presently the house is being stabilized and renovated. For more photos of the canal, check out Delaware and Hudson Canal.



Huber Breaker

The Huber Breaker is one of the last coal breakers in PA (I am aware of only one more in the state.). A coal break is where coal was broken down, waste rock removed and the coal graded into different sizes. It has been abandoned for a number of years and makes for a very interesting photographic subject. There are efforts being made to preserve this site. Below is a short slide show.