Power – Photo For June 27

Staying with the boat theme from the last couple of days, thought I would include a view that most people do not see. This photograph is of a diesel engine, one of two that power an old tug boat in the Florida Keys. Engine rooms are very interesting spaces, usually crowded with large mechanical units with just enough room around them to inspect and maintain them. For a photographer, the lighting is always a challenge, but adds to the aura of the place as does the ever present smell of oil.

The human heart of steel;
Powerfully pumping
Perfect pressure
Pulling our heavy load
Patiently to the dock of our destination…          Nannette

Tug Boat Diesel, Florida Keys, Feb 2013

Tug Boat Diesel, Florida Keys, Feb 2013

Key West Cemetery

One of the first series of digital infrared photographs I took was of the Key West Cemetery. I used an old Konica camera. The slide show below is the results of that series.

Float That Boat – Photo for Dec. 28

Had to do this for just fun of it – a two photo slide show.

Water Everywhere – Photo for Dec. 27

I have been playing with some new software that allows you to add water to photos, posted one of these earlier, but wanted to show a more simple example with water and without water photos.

Tug Boat Diesel Engine – Photo for Dec. 26

Tug Pilot House, Series 1 – Photo for Dec. 22

I took a series of High Dynamic Range photographs of the exterior windows of a tug boat pilot house trying to catch both the inside of the pilot house and the window reflections. the  two photos here in a slide show format show the same photo in color and black and white.