Bay Head After Sandy

When I posted the photographs of “Bay Head Is Under Water”, I had no idea that this event would happen again so soon and with so much violence. On December 11, I had the opportunity to again visit Bay Head and take a few photographs. The streets were still being cleared of sand as can be seen in the first photograph. the damage to the beach front homes was extensive and in some cases catastrophic. Sanzari Marina, formally Dale Yacht Basin showed some damage, but much was already in the process of being repaired.

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Bay Head Is Under Water – 1932

On November 10, 1932, the Barnegat Bay rose six feet and left much of Bay Head, New Jersey under water. The photographs displayed here were taken by F. W. Tupper, a professional photographer located in Lakewood, New Jersey and F. Slade Dale. Tupper on occassion did work for Slade Dale, and I would appreciate any information that anyone can provide about him. Mr. Tupper appears to have been a very good photographer and I hope his work has been preserved somewhere.

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Dale Yacht Basin, Bay Head, NJ, Circa 1948

Dale Yacht Basin, located in Bay Head, NJ, for many years in the 1940s and 50s, held one of the largest boat shows on the east coast. The photos in the slideshow below are of boats arriving directly by rail to the showroom, the boat basin, the show itself, visiting dignitaries, F. Slade Dale, and several promotional  photographs from the era. These photos were done by Morris Rosenfeld, the leading yachting photographer of his day. The Rosenfeld negative collection now resides at Mystic Seaport.

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