Shrimp Boats Dec. 14

I took a rather lengthy row, for me, on this lovely Sunday morning. I was shooting into the early morning sun, not that early this time of year, so the photos were not great, but wanted to share this one. The two vessels on the right are shrimp boats, the interesting vessel on the left is an old Chesapeake buy boat.

Shrimp Boats, Benny Hudson's
Shrimp Boats, Benny Hudson’s

Early Morning – Nov. 30

There was a little ground fog when I took this photograph. I am in the process of posting some photos I took prior to creating this blog.

Early Morning - Nov. 30
Early Morning – Nov. 30

Sunset – Nov. 26

This is an over the stern photo… When you are rowing you are facing the stern of the rowboat and this is often the view I am photographing. By putting the rowboat in the photo, it gives it perspective.

Sunset Over The Stern - Nov. 26, Skull Creek, Hilton Head Island, SC
Sunset Over The Stern – Nov. 26

High Tide – Dec. 6

Another calm morning, exceptionally high tide, high clouds and no fog. Was able to explore into the marshes with the high water.

Pinckney Island, SC, At High Tide
Pinckney Island At High Tide

Boat On The Rocks

The Chrissy James on the Manasquan Inlet Rocks. This is from my old collection of fishing boat photographs.

Chrissy James on the rocks of the Manasquan Inlet, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Chrissy James on the rocks of the Manasquan Inlet, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ


The Boardwalk Fire

This picture is from a fire in the mid 70’s and part of the Lost Film Collection. The Lost Film Collection consist of a number of rolls of undeveloped film I discovered in 2005 and developed. The grain structure is a little different, but otherwise most of them survived very well.

Boardwalk Fire in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Boardwalk Fire in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ



The Florida Keys

I will be spending the month of January in the Keys and taking that opportunity to update my various Keys postings on my websites. I will also be giving up my site that is specific to this subject. That site was never fully developed, not from the lack of interest, but from the lack of time.

Bahia Honda Bridge Graphic, Florida Keys
Bahia Honda Bridge Graphic