Float That Boat – Photo for Dec. 28

Had to do this for just fun of it – a two photo slide show.

Water Everywhere – Photo for Dec. 27

I have been playing with some new software that allows you to add water to photos, posted one of these earlier, but wanted to show a more simple example with water and without water photos.

Tug Boat Diesel Engine – Photo for Dec. 26

Pilot House, Series 2 – Photo for Dec. 23

This is as in the last post a HDR photo with window distortion, but here I have shown the color photograph as shot and the second photo with water added by a neat piece of software into the lower half of the pilot house.


Tug Pilot House, Series 1 – Photo for Dec. 22

I took a series of High Dynamic Range photographs of the exterior windows of a tug boat pilot house trying to catch both the inside of the pilot house and the window reflections. the  two photos here in a slide show format show the same photo in color and black and white.